Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Campaign System

Napoleon in 1813


The aim of the campaign is to provide good wargames using the figures in my collection and the wargames scenery which I have available.

Orders of Battle

The French and the Austrian army each have 128 infantry, 32 cavalry and 4 guns, which are organised into four corps per side.

Each corps has 32 infantry, 8 cavalry and 1 gun

The difference between corps is achieved by the quality of its commander and the class, firing and skirmish ability of its infantry brigades.

1813 Campaign

This is a fictional campaign. It is based on the historical 1813 campaign because this period allows me to use most of the nations taking part in the Napoleonic Wars. It is also the campaign when most armies were of similar fighting ability.

Campaign in Germany

There are three French armies in Germany. One in the north fighting the Prussians, one in the centre fighting the Russians and one in the south fighting the Austrians.

German campaign area

Campaign in Spain

There are two French armies in Spain. One fighting the British in the west, and one the Spanish in the east.

Spanish campaign area

Strategic map of Southern Germany

The Passau campaign is set in southern Germany. The Austrian army will advance from Vienna towards Munich. The French army will attempt to stop them between Passau and Salzburg. Each square on this map takes 1 campaign day.

Strategic map of Southern Germany

Tactical map of Passau campaign area

Each square on this map corresponds with one of my 2x2 foot scenic squares. A wargames table would consist of 3x3 of these squares, making a 6x6 foot table.

Each square on this map, or on the wargames table, takes 1 campaign hour.

There are three of these maps. One shows all corps who have entered the tactical area. One shows all Austrian corps within the area, plus all French corps who have been spotted. One shows all French corps within the area, plus all Austrian corps who have been spotted.

Tactical map of Passau campaign area

Transfer map to wargames table

When a corps comes within three squares of an enemy corps, and neither retreat, a battle is declared. The wargames table area is set up from the tactical map with the defending corps in the centre.

For example if Mattsee were held by the Austrians and attacked by the French the nine squares with Mattsee in the centre would be selected as shown on this map

Tactical Map

The wargames table would then be set up using the same scenery as shown on the tactical map.

Wargames table

CinC daily orders

Each campaign day the two CinC issue orders to their respective corps. These orders are plotted on the Strategic Map

Strategic Map

Corps commanders movement orders

Corps movement is broken down into three moves per campaign day. Each of these moves takes four campaign hours.

The movement rate will depend on the type of square to be crossed. Each corps moving on a road will move one square each move. If moving cross country through open terrain it will be one square for each two moves. If attempting to cross difficult terrain without a road it will take three moves.

These movements are tracked on the tactical map

Tactical Map

An entry will be published on the blog each day. It will contain either CinC daily orders, corps commander movement orders or a battle report.


  1. Sounds fascinating. I think I might be forced to become a follower if this and its companion blog... :)

  2. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement as it gets going