Friday, March 19, 2010

CinC Daily Orders - 15 June 1813

Strategic Map - 15 June 1813

Archduke Charles
The first phase of the Austrian advance is now complete. The garrisons of Passau and Salzburg have been isolated and the river Salach is secure. 3 and 4 corps are urged to march to Linz with the utmost speed.

HQ - halt Altheim
1 corps – hold Altheim
2 corps - hold Mattsee
3 corps - move to Perg
4 corps - move to Aschbach

Marshal Oudinot
The Austrian advance has left two corps within striking distance of the whole French army, and without immediate support from their reserves. Oudinot is well positioned to take advantage of this error by striking with 10 corps.

HQ - move to Reishach
9 corps - hold Passau
10 corps - move to Reishach
11 corps - hold Salzburg
12 corps - move to Simbach

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