Thursday, April 15, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 5


17 June 1813

10 Bavarian Corps

General Bertrand moves his corps forward to attack Altheim

Orders – Move to Altheim

5 Command Points

Artillery fire on square, total 6 with 2D6, miss

Move cavalry to right flank out of artillery range

Change formation to column of attack for artillery support

Move remaining three infantry brigades forward with “command order”

1 Austrian corps

General Lichtenstein decides to move forward before the enemy can launch their attack

Orders – Move forward

6 Command Points

Light infantry in support of town form column of attack

Artillery advance

Square advance to protect gunners

Three Bavarian infantry brigades move forward in column of attack towards Altheim

General Bertrand has moved his cavalry out of danger from the enemy artillery, and pushed forward three infantry brigades who will attack the town. One infantry brigade remains behind to support the gunners and the cavalry should they attack

General Lichtenstein is also redeploying his corps to receive the anticipated infantry attack and is unable to fire on the approaching columns this move.

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