Saturday, May 15, 2010

Battle of Branau - Move 6


19 June 1813

End of move 6

9 Bavarian corps

Marshal Vandamme must move his corps towards hill

Orders – Move to hill

6 Command Points

Move gun towards hill

Move gun onto hill

Move 3 infantry towards hill

3 Austrian corps

General Gyulai decides to press home his infantry attack on the town and leave his Disordered cavalry to look after themselves

Orders – Engage enemy

6 Command Points

Move artillery and unlimber

Move 4 infantry brigades towards town

Move commander to central position

Move disordered cavalry behind corps

Bavarian CinC

He has issued all the necessary orders and must now leave it to his corps commanders to save the day.


5 Command Points

No new orders required

Move to join Shaken infantry square

10 Bavarian corps

General Bertrand must hold as best he can

Orders – Hold

4 Command Points

Commander double move to reach shaken square

Move square towards town for support

Square test morale, roll 2, still Shaken

Poor Card

1 Austrian corps

General Lichtenstein must towards Branau, even though 9 Bavarian corps is moving towards the hill on his right.

Orders – Move to Branau

5 Command Points

Move artillery and unlimber

Bring militia onto battlefield

Move all infantry forward in column of march

Austrian CinC

Archduke Charles is unable to change 1 corps orders as he has to miss his move due to Poor Card

3 corps artillery unlimbered within canister range of Branau.
All infantry now in column of attack and move to engage enemy
Cavalry are returning from Pursuit and are Disordered until behind supports

1 corps advance in column of march behind their cavalry.
Artillery unlimbered within range of town
Charles is with corps commander and wants to change orders, but unable to do so due to Poor Card

The Bavarians are in a desperate situation. 9 corps must take and hold the hill if they are to avoid a retreat at nightfall.

1 Austrian corps is in urgent need of new orders to take the hill on their right rather than advance towards Branau. 2 corps may not have sufficient time before nightfall to attack and take the town.

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