Saturday, May 29, 2010

Battle of Salzburg - Move 4

1100 to 1200

20 June 1813

Table at the end of move 4

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede orders his corps to advance towards the bridge to contain the enemy bridgehead.

Orders – Hold Salzburg

6 Command Point

Change orders “Move to the bridge”

Move infantry towards bridge

Manhandle gun towards bridge

Double move reserve infantry towards river

2 Austrian Corps

General Klenau must get his infantry over the ford and secure his bridge head

Orders – Move to Salzburg

4 Command Points

Move general within command distance of infantry

Double move infantry towards the ford

Reposition the general

Austrian infantry move to secure ford held by cavalry and artillery

Bavarian infantry move forward to prevent enemy crossing ford

Now that it is obvious that the Austrians intend to cross by the ford, Klenau must get his infantry across the river whilst the cavalry are still able to hold it. Should the hussars be driven off the Austrian attack must fail.

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