Sunday, June 20, 2010

Battle of Reishach - Move 4

1100 to 1200

21 June 1813

Table at the end of Move 4

10 Bavarian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders: move to woods on left

Artillery fire on infantry, roll 5, miss

Move infantry to front of woods

Move reserve infantry 8”

Move general to cavalry

Turn cavalry to face enemy artillery

Move general to artillery

French CinC – Gifted – 5 Command Points

Change 10 corps orders to “Hold Village

Move to 12 corps (poor commander)

9 Bavarian corps – Average – 5 Command Points

Orders: Hold centre village

Fire on enemy infantry, roll 4, miss

Move cavalry to counter enemy cavalry

Move reserve infantry to right of village

Change infantry to column of attack

3 Austrian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders: move to village in centre

Change orders to “Halt”

Retire cavalry half move out of charge range

Move general to centre of corps

12 Baden corps – Poor – 2 Command Points

Orders: Hold village on right

Manhandle guns 2”

Advance cavalry to right of village

Advance infantry to front of village

Deploy infantry

Austrian CinC – Poor – 6 Command Points

Move to join 4 corps

Change 4 corps orders to “Hold”

4 Austrian corps – Poor – 6 Command Points

Orders - Hold

Cavalry charge enemy cavalry

Advance artillery

Deploy infantry

Cavalry win melee, lose 1 casualty and Disordered

Enemy cavalry lose 2 casaulties, retire 8”, Shaken

Poor Card

No effect all Poor commanders have had their turn

1 Austrian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders – move to woods on right

Change orders to “Halt”

Cavalry form line

General move to join Shaken brigade

Test morale for Shaken brigade, roll 3, make morale, Disordered

Test morale for Routed brigade, roll 1, fail morale, continue Rout

French Gifted Card

Only Gifted commander already moved


Austrians escaped Poor Card and have recovered the initiative

4 corps have beaten enemy cavalry in melee

1 corps have made morale for Shaken brigade and routed one have left field

Baden cavalry have lost morale and retreated Shaken with two casualties.
It will be difficult for the remainder of the corps to complete their deployment without cavalry cover

1 Austrian corps are recovering.
Shaken brigade is in reserve and has made morale.
The routing brigade is now well behind the battle line and will cause no further trouble.

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