Friday, June 25, 2010

Battle of Reishach - Move 5

1200 to 1300

21 June 1813

Table at the end of move 5

9 Bavarian corps – Average – 5 Command Points

Orders: Hold centre village

Artillery fire on infantry, roll 2, miss

Cavalry retire 7” out of artillery range

Reposition infantry

French CinC – Gifted – 5 Command Points

Pass 3 Command Points to 12 corps (Poor commander)

12 Baden corps – Poor – 3 Command Points

Orders: Hold village on right

Swop 3 brigade for cavalry

Test morale for cavalry, roll 2, Rout

Test morale for 3 brigade, roll 1, Rout

Test morale for garrison, roll 2, pass

Poor Card

Austrian CinC – Poor

Miss move due to Poor Card

4 Austrian corps – Poor – 5 Command Points

Orders - Hold

Move artillery and unlimber

Reposition general

Cavalry retire 7” out of range of village

10 Bavarian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders: Hold woods on left

Artillery fire on guns, roll 4, miss

Manhandle guns 1”

Jagers advance to front of woods

Cavalry form line

Reposition general

Move infantry to support woods

3 Austrian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders: Halt

Swop grenadier brigade for cavalry

Manhandle guns 2”

1 Austrian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders – Halt

Artillery fire on woods, roll 7, miss

Test morale for routed infantry, roll 3, rout off table

French Gifted Card

Only Gifted commander already moved


The Austrian army urgently needs new orders, but the Poor Card has prevented Archduke Charles from his turn.

Marshal Oudinot is taking advantage of this to reorganize his army

Baden infantry have joined the cavalry rout. They are fortunate that the Austrian CinC has missed his turn and can not take advantage of this disorder.

Commander 1 Austrian corps has ordered his corps to Halt, so can not advance towards the enemy. This makes it difficult for him to regroup his corps in the limited space between the two woods.

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