Monday, June 7, 2010

Battle of Salzburg - Move 9

1600 to 1700

20 June 1813

Table at the end of move 9

2 Austrian Corps

General Klenau must press home the attack before nightfall

Orders – Engage Enemy

3 Command Points

Artillery fire on enemy cavalry, total 4, miss

General moves to central position

Hussars charge enemy cavalry

Combat factors are equal

Austrian cavalry roll 2D6 total 4

Austrian 2 casualty, retire Shaken

Bavarian 1 casualty, halt Disordered

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede must hold his position until nightfall

Orders – Hold

4 Command Point

Artillery fire on enemy cavalry, total 8, 1 hit

Move general to central position

Cavalry about turn and retire 7”

Austrian cavalry test morale, total -1, Rout

7 infantry test morale, total 1, Shaken

6 infantry test morale, total 2, Shaken

Two Bavarian infantry brigades shaken due to the cavalry rout

Poor dice throw for the cavalry melee has left the Bavarians in trouble. Their cavalry will Rout from the field with 4 casualties, and two infantry brigades are Shaken. The corps are in no condition to continue to advance and will be hard pressed to survive until nightfall.

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