Friday, June 11, 2010

CinC Daily Orders - 21 June 1813

Campaign Strategic Map 21 June 1813

Archduke Charles

Following the rout of 2 corps at Salzburg, Charles must decide whether to admit defeat and retire eastwards towards Linz, or to risk all on an immediate attack to destroy the three corps opposite him before 11 corps can move north against his flank. He decides to take the risk and orders 4 corps to force march through the night to join 1 and 3 corps at Branau by daybreak. The three corps will then move to destroy the enemy at Reishach.

HQ – join 3 corps
1 corps – move to Reishach
2 corps – regroup south of Salzburg
3 corps – move to Reishach
4 corps – move to Reishach

Marshal Oudinot
Oudinot is delighted with 11 corps victory at Salzburg. He now expects the Austrian army to withdraw to the east and try to regroup in the Linz area. He is determined to strike at them before they can do so. 11 corps is ordered to abandon the Tyrol and move north to join the main army. 12 corps is ordered to march during the night and join 9 and 10 corps at Reishach. The three corps will then attack the enemy before they can retreat.

HQ – join 9 corps
9 corps – move to Branau
10 corps – move to Branau
11 corps – move to Mattsee
12 corps – move to Branau

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