Friday, April 9, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 1


17 June 1813

10 Bavarian Corps

General Bertrand must delay his approach march until he can drive off the enemy cavalry screen

Orders – Move to Altheim

5 Command Points

Changes the corps orders to “Engage”

Forms cavalry in line and advance to charge move of the enemy

Move leading infantry brigade in support

1 Austrian Corps

General Lichtenstein must either engage the enemy cavalry or withdraw his own. He decides to join his hussars and charge the enemy cavalry

Orders – Hold Altheim

5 Command Points

He forms one infantry brigade in square, just in case he loses the melee

He then joins his hussar brigade and orders them to charge the enemy cavalry

The Austrian hussars lose the melee and rout

Cavalry Melee
The Bavarian cavalry are medium, the Austrian light this means the former test with plus 1. The Bavarians roll 11 with 2D6.. The total is 12, a very decisive victory. The Bavarians lose one casualty and are disordered. The Austrians lose two casualties and rout. There are no Austrian supports to test morale. The Bavarians test morale but do not pursue.

An exciting first move. The Austrians commander took a calculated risk. If he routed the enemy cavalry he would have delayed the attack for at least one day. He lost, and his own cavalry routed. This gave an advantage to the enemy, but not a decisive one. Without cavalry support he will have to fight a defensive battle and will find it difficult to counter the enemy cavalry. However he has the advantage of holding a town, not suitable terrain for cavalry.

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