Saturday, April 10, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 2


17 June 1813

10 Bavarian Corps

General Bertrand had to change his orders to Engage to clear the enemy cavalry out of the way. However his infantry are not deployed to engage the town, so he must change his orders to Move in order to deploy.

Orders – Engage Altheim

4 Command Points

Change corps orders to “Move”

Artillery advance

Leading infantry brigade advance

1 Austrian Corps

The enemy are out of range of the Austrian 6 pounder artillery

Routed cavalry flow around supporting infantry causing no disorder

General Lichtenstein decides to wait and see what the enemy will do

Orders – Hold Altheim

5 Command Points

No action

The routed hussars flow around the infantry support but do not cause any disorder

It will take a little time to regroup the Bavarians to attack the town. Fortunately they are out of range of the Austrian artillery and can take their time doing so. The Bavarian artillery are 12 pounder who easily outgun the enemy lighter 6 pounder guns.

The Bavarians are unable to take advantage of the new “corps orders” rule, as their infantry is in column of march approaching the table, and they are too near the town to advance far enough for them all to enter the table. So Bertrand will have to bring them on one by one to reposition them at the table edge.

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