Sunday, April 11, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 3


17 June 1813

10 Bavarian Corps

General Bertrand must bring his infantry on to the table and position them ready for an advance

Orders – Move to Altheim

4 Command Points

Artillery advance two moves

Two leading infantry brigades advance

1 Austrian Corps

The enemy are still out of range of the Austrian 6 pounder artillery

Routed cavalry continue to rout and are now well behind the Austrian position

General Lichtenstein has decided to wait for the enemy to approach

Orders – Hold Altheim

4 Command Points

No action

The Bavarian infantry are now in position to advance. The artillery is ready to unlimber, and the cavalry covering the whole deployment.

General Bertrand has used his time to deploy his infantry and artillery behind the cavalry screen, rather than risk his cavalry against the steady enemy infantry. However his dragoons are now in the way of the infantry advance, and he will have to decide how best to use them to cover the advance.

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