Monday, April 19, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 7


17 June 1813

1 Austrian Corps

General Lichtenstein now in position to meet the attack

Orders – Move forward

7 Command Points

Change corps orders to “Hold”

Artillery fire on nearest column, total 8 – hit

Bavarian grenadiers test morale, total 6 – pass

10 Bavarian Corps

Infantry have approached town in column of march to move quicker, but must now change into line or column of attack in order to engage the enemy.

Orders – Move to Altheim

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on infantry nearest town, total 5, miss

Move three infantry brigades closer to town

Change to column of attack with “corps move”

Bavarian columns in column of attack and ready to move to town.
Nearest brigade have a casualty but are still formed.

Austrian infantry in support of town have one casualty but are still formed

General Bertrand has moved his infantry closer to the town and changed their formation to column of attack in preparation for an assault on the town.

The Austrian artillery are in a good position to engage the enemy columns as they approach the town

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