Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 8


17 June 1813

1 Austrian Corps

Attack is against the right flank, where there is no infantry support. On Hold orders General Lichtenstein is unable to move his infantry forward to attack the enemy.

Orders – Hold

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on nearest column, total 10 – second hit

Bavarian grenadiers test morale, total 4 – pass

10 Bavarian Corps

General Bartram moves two infantry brigades to attack the town, one with casualties is left to counter any enemy advance

Orders – Move to Altheim

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on infantry nearest town, total 3, miss

Move infantry column towards enemy square

Move two infantry brigades into position to attack town

Two Bavarian infantry brigades are in position to attack the town, one from the front and one from the side. The grenadier brigade is left to hold the Austrian supports and risk further casualties from the enemy artillery.

The battle has now reached the crisis. The Bavarians are about to launch their attack on the town, but the grenadier brigade could easily break if they receive one more casualty and might well take the rest with them. So who moves first next round could well be critical.

The game should end as it is now 2000. However we will allow one more move just to decide who wins.

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