Saturday, April 24, 2010

CinC Daily Orders - 18 June 1813

Strategic Map - 18 June 1813

Archduke Charles

Charles is delighted with his victories at Mattsee and Altheim. Ever cautious he decides to spend the day consolidating and reorganizing his army before ordering an advance towards Munich.

He orders 3 corps forward and 1 corps into reserve to regroup and resupply.

2 corps will move south to Mondsee and be replaced at Franken by 4 Corps

HQ – halt at Franken
1 corps – move to Raab
2 corps – move to Mondsee
3 corps – move to Altheim
4 corps – move to Franken

Marshal Oudinot
His defeat at Mattsee and Altheim have left his campaign plan is tatters. With two weakened corps, and 9 corps still north of the river Danube, a drastic change of plan is called for.

He will have to abandon Passau and try to bring 9 corps south of the river further to the west. He will try to hold Salzburg, but this will depend on whether he is attacked by the Austrians.

HQ – halt at Branau
9 corps – move to Orienburg
10 corps – move to Branau
11 corps – hold Salzburg
12 corps – move to Mattsee

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