Friday, April 23, 2010

Battle of Altheim - Move 9


17 June 1813

10 Bavarian Corps

As evening approaches General Bartram must order an immediate attack on Altheim without any skirmish to weaken garrison. He is too far from his guns to order them to fire in support.

Orders – Move to Altheim

6 Command Points

Change orders to “Attack”

Artillery can not fire as general too far away at start of move

Move two infantry brigades to attack town.

Infantry attack town

Two infantry brigades attack town, so two rounds of melee fought

First melee – Bavarians win with one casualty, Austrians rout with two casualty

Second melee – Austrians win with one casualty, Bavarians rout with two casualty

Austrian garrison rout into centre of the town.

Austrian infantry support test and pass morale

One Bavarian infantry brigade rout from melee

Second brigade test morale, fail, join rout

Grenadier brigade test morale, fail, join rout

1 Austrian Corps

If General Lichtenstein can hold for one more move the battle will end due to nightfall.

Orders – Hold

5 Command Points

Routed brigade in town test morale, fail and rout again

Supporting brigade not affected by second round of rout and moves into town

Three Bavarian infantry brigades in rout.
One Austrian brigade in rout.
Second Austrian brigade moves into town.

Under these rules combat can always go either way. A very good dice will rout the defenders. A very poor one will rout the attackers. Because two brigades were attacking, two rounds of melee are fought at the same time. The Bavarians won the first, the Austrians the second.

All supporting units within 4” of first rout must then test their morale. There was only one Austrian brigade, and they made their morale. There was also only one Bavarian brigade, in fact the one who had won the melee for the town, but they now failed their morale and joined the rout. This brought them within 4” of the grenadier brigade, who already had two casualties and now no supports, they also failed their morale and joined the rout.

With darkness approaching and half of his corps in rout Marshal Bertrand has no option but to order a retreat towards Branau.

The Austrians had achieved their objective of holding the Passau bridge. In addition they have inflicted a severe defeat on 11 Bavarian corps.

The Austrians suffered 2 cavalry and 5 infantry casualties.

The Bavarians has suffered 1 cavalry and 6 infantry casualties.

These are heavy casualties under my rules. Both corps will take some days to reorganize and regroup before they can take offensive action again.

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