Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CinC Daily Orders - 17 June 1813

Strategic Map - 17 June 1813

Archduke Charles

Charles is now aware of the Bavarian advance towards Branau and Mattsee.

He orders his HQ to Franken to find out what is happening at Mattsee, where has received reports of a Bavarian attack.

He orders 2 corps to retreat to Franken to be closer to 1 corps. By nightfall 3 and 4 corps will be within supporting distance.

HQ – move to Franken
1 corps - hold Altheim
2 corps – move to Franken
3 corps – move to Raab
4 corps – move to Hausruck

Marshal Oudinot
Oudinot has received news of the failure of 11 corps to take Mattsee. He orders them to return to Salzburg to regroup.

10 corps will attack Altheim and 12 corps move south of the river Danube to support them.

9 corps will continue to hold Passau

HQ – halt at Branau
9 corps - hold Passau
10 corps – attack Altheim
11 corps – move to Salzburg
12 corps – move to Branau

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