Sunday, April 4, 2010

Battle of Mattsee - Move 9


16 June 1813

2 Austrian Corps

General Klenau changes his corps orders to Engage so that his garrison can advance from Mattsee and engage the enemy infantry.

Orders – Hold Mattsee

5 Command Points

Artillery fire canister on same infantry, 11 with 2D6, a third hit

Bavarian infantry test morale, roll 6, fail but Shaken not Rout

Move garrison to edge of town

Change orders to “Engage”

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede orders his infantry to skirmish with the enemy prior to an all out attack.

Orders – Engage

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on Landwehr, roll 8 with 2D6, a miss

Move two brigades forward and skirmish, one hit

Austrian infantry test morale, roll 5, pass

Austrian line return skirmish fire, one hit

Bavarian infantry test morale, roll 4, pass

Two Bavarian infantry brigades skirmish with one Austrian, both have one casualty
Shaken Bavarian infantry remain out of skirmish range

The fighting would normally have ceased at 2000, but continued one more move as close and undecided.

Bavarians have lost 1 gunner and 4 infantry casualties

Austrians have lost 2 infantry casualties

Having failed to break the Austrian line, General Wrede orders a withdrawal towards Salzburg under cover of darkness.

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