Thursday, May 6, 2010

Battle of Branau - Move 1


19 June 1813

End of Move 1

Bavarian CinC

Marshal Oudinot wants 10 corps to move forward to delay the Austrian advance

6 Command Points

Move to commander 10 corps

Change 10 corps orders to “Move”

10 Bavarian corps

General Bertrand wants to move his cavalry towards approaching Austrians, and also move his artillery to the front of Branau.

Orders – Move forward

5 Command Points

Change cavalry formation to line

Move cavalry forward

Move artillery forward

Unlimber artillery

Move Bertrand to central position.

3 Austrian corps

General Gyulai wants to approach the town from the south east to remain out of enemy artillery range and leave space for 1 Austrian corps when they arrive.

Orders – Move to Branau

6 Command Points

Move cavalry to pin enemy cavalry

Move remainder of corps forward with “command order”

Move remainder of corps forward with “command order”

Move general to central position

Austrian cavalry advance on the right to counter enemy cavalry and protect the remainder of the corps as they advance. The remainder of the corps move to the left of Branau in column of march to make rapid progress. Austrian commander has positioned himself to be within command distance of both the cavalry and the corps column.

The Bavarians move forward to delay the Austrian advance and allow time for reinforcements to arrive.

The Austrians are advancing in column of march for more speed, and deploy their cavalry to counter the enemy advance from Branau

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