Friday, May 7, 2010

Battle of Branau - Move 2


19 June 1813

End of Move 2

3 Austrian corps

General Gyulai wants to approach the town from the south east to remain out of enemy artillery range and leave space for 1 Austrian corps when they arrive.

Orders – Move to Branau

6 Command Points

Move artillery

Unlimber artillery

Move 4 infantry brigades

10 Bavarian corps

General Bertrand wants to disrupt the Austrian advance to allow time for 9 corps to arrive

Orders – Move forward

5 Command Points

Artillery fire on enemy cavalry, roll 5, miss

Manhandle guns forward

Move cavalry towards enemy

Move left hand infantry reserve two moves forward

Bavarian CinC

Marshal Oudinot move to join cavalry who are out of support distance


7 Command Points

2 moves to join cavalry

Austrian cavalry have come under artillery fire, but no casualties yet. Enemy cavalry are now within charge distance of them. Austrian artillery have unlimbered within range of Branau. Remainder of corps advance towards town in exposed column of march.

Bavarians swing to their left to keep out of artillery range and to allow space for their reinforcements to arrive.

Austrians unable to react unless they abandon their left flank which they cannot do as their reinforcements will arrive along Passau road.

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