Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Battle of Branau - Move 4


19 June 1813

End of move 4

3 Austrian corps

On Engage orders General Gyulai must press home his attack or change his orders. His cavalry are no longer Disordered and he decides to press home the attack before the enemy guns can fire on them

Orders – Engage enemy

7 Command Points

Artillery fire on town, roll 7, miss

Cavalry charge enemy cavalry

Move militia square out of artillery range

Move infantry towards town in column of march

Cavalry Melee:

Austrian total 16, result Rout enemy

Bavarian lose another 2 casualties and Rout

Austrian lose another casualty and Disordered

Bavarian Supports:

Infantry square test morale, total 1, Shaken

Gunners test morale, total 1, Shaken

Austrian cavalry test to Pursue

Test morale, total 6, Pursue

Test direction, total 4, charge nearest enemy

Bavarian gunners nearest but seek shelter in square

Austrian cavalry charge Shaken square

Cavalry v Infantry Melee:

Infantry total 4, result infantry retire 4” Shaken

Infantry lose 2 casualties, retire 4”, Shaken

Cavalry lose 0 casualties, halt Disordered and in Pursuit mode

Bavarian CinC

Marshal Oudinot leaves 10 corps to meet 9 corps as they arrive on Passau road


6 Command Points

Two moves to Passau road to wait for 9 corps

10 Bavarian corps

General Bertrand must counter enemy infantry advance against his right and also hold his shaken left.

Orders – Hold

4 Command Points

Move to infantry reserve

Move reserve infantry to right of town

Move to join shaken square

Routed cavalry have 4 casualties and can not rally.

Take one more rout move and remove from table

Shaken infantry square test morale, total 2, still Shaken

Austrian cavalry are in Pursuit but unable to break enemy square
Bavarian cavalry are in permanent Rout and flee battlefield

Both cavalry brigades have suffered enough casualties for them to be unable to take further part in the battle. However whilst the Bavarian are in Permanent Rout, the Austrian are only Disordered. Providing they do not have to take further morale they can still be used to prevent enemy gunners returning to their guns.

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