Saturday, May 8, 2010

Battle of Branau - Move 3


19 June 1813

End of move 3

3 Austrian corps

General Gyulai wants to engage enemy cavalry before his own suffer any artillery casualties.

Orders – Move to Branau

6 Command Points

Change orders to “Engage”

Artillery fire on town, roll 4, miss

Cavalry charge enemy cavalry

Move militia brigade forward

Form militia brigade in square to protect artillery

Cavalry Melee:

Austrian total 7 result draw

Both sides lose 1 casualty

Both sides are Disordered

Bavarian CinC

Marshal Oudinot wants 10 corps to halt and hold


8 Command Points

Move to commander 10 corps

Change orders to “Hold”

Move to command distance of cavalry

10 Bavarian corps

eneral Bertrand takes action in case his cavalry lose the melee

Orders – Hold

5 Command Points

Artillery fire on infantry square, roll 4, miss

Move nearest infantry within supporting distance of artillery

Form square to protect gunners

Continue cavalry melee

Cavalry melee:

Austrian total 9 result loser retires 4” Shaken

Bavarian lose 2 casualties, withdraw 4” and Shaken

Austrian lose 1 casualty and Disordered

Bavarian cavalry have withdrawn 4”, have a total of 3 casualties and are Shaken
Austrian cavalry have a total of 2 casualties and are Disordered
Austrian cavalry are now within canister range of enemy guns
Bavarian square in position to protect gunners

The cavalry melee continues and both brigades have sufficient casualties for them to be non combatant for the rest of the battle. However they must continue the melee until one side breaks and Routs.

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