Saturday, May 22, 2010

Battle of Branau - Move 8


19 June 1813

End of move 8

Bavarian CinC

Marshal Oudinot has issued all necessary orders and must now leave it up to his corps commanders to do the best that they can.


5 Command Points

No new orders required

Move within command distance of town and right hand brigade

1 Austrian corps

General Lichtenstein moves to occupy hill

Orders – Move to hill

5 Command Points

Artillery fire on shaken square, total 2, miss

Move cavalry to engage enemy artillery on hill

Move three infantry towards hill

Remaining infantry form square to protect gunners

3 Austrian corps

General Gyulai is desperate to will press home his infantry attack on the town before nightfall

Orders – Engage enemy

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on town, roll 2, miss

Move commander to central position

Move two infantry forward

Skirmish two brigades against enemy line, no casualties

9 Bavarian corps

Marshal Vandamme has exposed his artillery and must halt to regroup

Orders – Move to hill

6 Command PointsAustrian cavalry test to opportunity charge limbered artillery, fail morale

Commander changes orders to “Halt”

Artillery withdrawn to infantry support

Infantry withdrawn behind hill

Poor Card

10 Bavarian corps

General Bertrand withdraws Shaken infantry out of artillery range

Orders – Hold Branau

4 Command Points

Shaken infantry form column of march and withdraw

Gunners enter town

Infantry test morale, roll 3, make morale

Gunners test morale, roll 1 – remain Shaken

Austrian CinC

Archduke Charles must again miss his move due to Poor Card

3 Bavarian corps attack on Branau inflict no casualties

1 Austrian corps secure hill and enemy withdraw behind crest

Despite their early advantage the Austrians have failed to take Branau. However their advantage in cavalry and artillery made it difficult for 9 Bavarian corps to deploy.

As night fell the Austrians had just captured the hill, and were engaged in a skirmish fight with Branau.

Marshal Oudinot is at a distinct disadvantage. As night fall he orders a withdrawal towards Reishach. The lack of resolve on the part of the Austrians allows him to recover his artillery and make good his withdrawal

The Austrians suffered 3 cavalry casualties.

The Bavarians has suffered 5 cavalry and 1 infantry casualties.

These are heavy cavalry casualties, and will result in a reduction in the class of both brigades.

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