Sunday, May 23, 2010

CinC Daily Orders - 20 June 1813

Strategic Map - 20 June 1813

Archduke Charles
Charles is encouraged by his limited victory at Branau and orders a general advance on Munich.

HQ – move to Franken
1 corps – move to Branau
2 corps – move to Salzburg
3 corps – move to Franken
4 corps – move to Mattsee

Marshal Oudinot
Oudinot is pleased that he has brought 9 corps south of the river Danube. However the defeat at Branau means that he must concentrate his army at Reishach-Hochburg to strike at the advancing Austrians. He will hold Salzburg as its loss would encourage the local population to join forces with the Austrians.

HQ – move to Reishach
9 corps – move to Reishach
10 corps – move to Reishach
11 corps – hold Salzburg
12 corps – move to Hochburg

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