Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Battle of Salzburg - Set Up

0800 20 June 1813

Transfer from Map to Wargames Table

Tactical Map at 0800 20 June 1813

Campaign Background

General Wrede has orders to hold Salzburg and the surrounding area until the main army is ready to start their counter attack further north.

General Klenau has orders to move to Salzburg and occupy the town

The battle starts at 0800 20 June 1813.

Wargames table at start of game

Wargames Table

Salzburg is the town on the left centre of the table.

The road bottom to top is from Italy (bottom) to Hochburg (top)

The road left to right is from Inzell (left) to Mondsee (right)

11 Bavarian corps are in and around Salzburg

2 Austrian corps will enter the table on the Mondsee road

The river Salach has one bridge which can be crossed by all arms. There is also a ford top and bottom which can be crossed by infantry and cavalry, who will move at half speed and be Disordered whilst crossing.


There is one brigade in each section of Salzburg, with another in reserve. The artillery are deployed on the left to cover the bridge, with another brigade in square. The cavalry are also in reserve behind the town.

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