Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Corps Commanders Orders - Move 30

Battle of Reishach at the start of move 30

1600 to 2000

21 June 1813

Tactical Map move 30

Archduke Charles has failed to take Reisach, but is now too committed to break off the battle before nightfall. The advantage has passed to Oudinot and it seems unlikely that the Austrian’s will win

HQ – move to D2
1 corps – move to C2
2 corps – halt E9
3 corps – move to D3
4 corps – move to D4

Marshal Oudinot has held his own during the battle of Reisach, and has received confirmation that 11 corps is approaching Mattsee and should be in position to attack the enemy flank if they do not immediately retreat.

HQ – halt C3
9 corps – hold C3
10 corps – hold C2
11 corps – move to E5
12 corps – hold C4

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