Sunday, July 4, 2010

Battle of Reishach - Move 9

1600 to 1700

21 June 1813

Table at the end of Move 9

Austrian CinC – Poor – 5 Command Points

Change 1 corps orders to “Hold”

Move to 4 corps

9 Bavarian corps – Average – 7 Command Points

Orders: Hold centre village

Artillery fire on infantry, roll 7, miss

Cavalry charge Shaken infantry

Infantry Rout with 2 more casualties

Supporting brigade also fail morale and join Rout

Move commander to centre

Reposition infantry

French Gifted Card

French CinC – Gifted – 6 Command Points

Move to 12 corps

Poor Card

10 Bavarian corps – Average – 5 Command Points

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire on cavalry, roll 9, hit

Cavalry test morale, roll 6, pass

Enemy cavalry test morale to Opportunity Charge, roll 1, fail

Move general

Turn cavalry to face enemy cavalry and form line

1 Austrian corps – Average – 7 Command Points

Orders – Hold

Cavalry charge enemy cavalry, lose melee retreat Shaken

Jagers skirmish infantry inflict 1 hit and receive 1 hit

Jagers test morale, roll 2, fail and Shaken

12 Baden corps – Poor

Orders: Hold village on right

Miss move due to Poor Card

3 Austrian corps – Average – 4 Command Points

Orders: Engage

Artillery fire canister on village, roll 10, third hit

Garrison test morale, roll 5, remain Shaken

Infantry advance 6”

Manhandle guns 2”

Skirmish inflict 1 hit, receive 1 hit

Test morale for infantry, 4, pass

Test morale for Routed cavalry, 6, rally to Shaken

4 Austrian corps – Poor – 5 Command Points

Orders – Engage

Artillery screened by friendly troops

Move general

Retire cavalry 6” facing enemy square

Both leading infantry skirmish village, no casaulties


Poor Card hits Baden corps this time, not the Austrians

Austrian cavalry unlucky to fail Opportunity Charge on enemy flank, and then lose melee. The battle could still go either way, but the advantage is now with the Bavrians

Austrian infantry continue to skirmish with village, but to no effect. They are on “Engage” orders and can not storm the village without “Attack” orders.

The Austrian hussars failed to charge enemy flank and then lost the melee and retired Shaken. It is likely that the Bavarian cavalry will Rout them next turn

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