Saturday, July 10, 2010

End of Campaign

22 June 1813

Strategic map at end of campaign

Archduke Charles

The Austrian army have won a limited victory at Reishach, but have failed to take that town. 11 Bavarian corps has arrived at Mattsee making it impossible for them to maintain their position at Branau. Charles orders an immediate retreat to Linz.

HQ – join 3 corps
1 corps – move to Altheim
2 corps – move to Mondsee
3 corps – move to Altheim
4 corps – move to Franken

Marshal Oudinot

Outinot has been forced to withdraw to Reishach to regroup his three battered corps. 11 corps has been ordered to move to Reishach and attack any enemy troops in that area. His remaining three corps will join 11 corps if the enemy have not retreated. If they have they will remain in and around Reishach and regroup.

HQ – hold Reishach
9 corps – hold Reishach
10 corps – hold Reishach
11 corps – move to Reishach
12 corps – hold Reishach

Conclusion of Campaign

The Austrian invasion of Bavaria has ended in failure. Both armies are battered and unable to continue offensive operations without reinforcements and resupply.

Marshal Oudinot has concentrated his army in front of Munich and forced the enemy to retreat. However he has suffered heavy casualties, and is in no condition to go onto the offensive. He will now await further orders from Napoleon.

Both armies will require a few weeks to rest and regroup.

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