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Battle of Reishach - Move 11

1800 to 1900

21 June 1813

Situation at the end of Move 11

French CinC – Gifted – 5 Command Points

With Poor commander, pass command to him

12 Baden corps – Poor – 2 Command Points

Orders: Hold village on right

Gunners man guns

Replacement garrison advance to centre of village

Test morale for Routed infantry, rally, Shaken

Austrian CinC – Poor – 6 Command Points

With Poor commander, pass command to him

4 Austrian corps – Poor – 3 Command Points

Orders – Engage

Fire on artillery, roll 11, 1 hit

Gunners test morale, roll 1, Shaken

Move infantry into village

1 Austrian corps – Average – 5 Command Points

Orders: Hold

Move Shaken cavalry into reserve

Move square 2” to allow gunners to return to guns

Jagers skirmish Shaken approaching infantry, no casualties

Test morale for Shaken hussars, roll 2, fail and Rout

No friendly troops within 4”

10 Bavarian corps – Average – 54Command Points

Orders: Engage

Move guns forward 4” and unlimber

Move reserve infantry 6” forward

Move general to centre of corps

Test morale for Shaken 5 brigade, roll 3, fail and Rout

Test morale for Shaken 6 brigade, roll 1, fail and Rout

Test morale for Artillery, roll 3, fail and Shaken

9 Bavarian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders: Engage

No enemy within range of artillery

Limber guns and move forward 4”

Reposition general to centre of corps

Skirmish enemy in woods, no casualties

Test morale for Shaken infantry, roll 5, remain Shaken

Test morale for Shaken cavalry, roll 4, remain Shaken

French Gifted Card

Only Gifted general already had his turn

Poor Card

No effect, all Poor commanders have already had their turn

3 Austrian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders – Engage

Cannister enemy guns, roll 4, miss

Move cavalry into reserve

Infantry advance towards village

9 brigade firefight, lose, retire Shaken with 2 casualties

11 brigade firefight, win, enemy Rout with 3 casualties

Shaken cavalry test morale, remain Shaken

Shaken gunners test morale, remain Shaken

Shaken infantry test morale, fail and Rout


Marshal Oudinot orders a retreat to Reishach. His three corps are badly shaken and the withdrawal will allow them to regroup under cover of darkness, and also for 11 corps to arrive and reinforce them. He has lost 12 infantry, 2 cavalry and 4 gunners.

Archduke Charles has won a limited victory, but without cavalry is unable to turn the enemy retreat into a rout. He has just received warning that 11 Bavarian corps is approaching his rear left and must immediately retreat to maintain his lines of communications. He orders an immediate retreat towards Altheim. He has lost 14 infantry, 5 cavalry and 0 gunners.

French right flank

12 Baden corps just manage to hold the village. They will abandon it under cover of darkness and fall back level with Reisach

French centre

9 Bavarian corps hold the village in the centre, but their two brigades linking with the right flank are in rout, and their cavalry shaken and about to join the rout. Under cover of darkness they will abandon the village and fall back level with Reisach.

French left flank

10 Bavarian corps attack on the woods has failed and both brigades are in rout. However their cavalry and artillery will prevent the disorders 1 Austrian corps attempting a follow up. During the hours of darkness they will fall back on Reishach.

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