Sunday, March 28, 2010

Battle of Mattsee - Move 2

16 June 1813

2 Austrian Corps

The enemy are out of range and have not yet deployed to attack. General Klenau is not allowed to move beyond the Franken road on Hold orders and he is not willing to commit his reserves until he can see where the enemy plan to attack.

Orders – Hold Mattsee

4 Command Points

No action

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede plans to launch his attack to the right of the Mattsee road. He has positioned his cavalry on his left flank to protect the attacking infantry.

Orders – Move to Mattsee

6 Command Points

General Wrede takes position in the middle of his corps

Artillery move forward on Mattsee road

Leading infantry brigade moves towards Franken road

Remainder of infantry advance either side of Mattsee road

11 Bavarian corps approach Mattsee

Bavarians are advancing towards Mattsee
One infantry brigade is moving right to threaten the Franken road

Austrian artillery deployed to cover Franken road
Cavalry deployed to counter enemy cavalry

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