Friday, April 2, 2010

Battle of Mattsee - Move 6


16 June 1813

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede moves to take command of the main infantry attack. He has left his weakest brigade in square to cover the gunners in case the enemy cavalry should overpower his cavalry brigade.

Orders – Move to Mattsee

5 Command Points

Artillery fire on infantry, roll 8 with 2D6 , and miss (note require 9 because of casualty)

Manhandle guns forward

Infantry form square to protect gunners

Remaining infantry form column of attack

2 Austrian Corps

General Klenau is fully deployed and in position to receive the enemy attack.

Orders – Hold Mattsee

3 Command Points

Artillery fire on infantry column, roll 8 with 2D6 , and hit

Bavarian infantry test morale, roll 4 and pass

General move to hill

Infantry on hill move forward to road

Both infantry and artillery receive casualties as they approach Mattsee

Bavarian infantry are now ready to advance and engage enemy
Despite casualties all are formed and fit to fight

Austrian artillery is inflicting casualties on enemy infantry as they advance
Two infantry brigades in position to hold Franken road

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