Saturday, April 3, 2010

Battle of Mattsee - Move 7


16 June 1813

2 Austrian Corps

General Klenau orders his infantry to form line ready for the attack.

Orders – Hold Mattsee

4 Command Points

Artillery fire on infantry, roll 4 with 2D6, a miss

General moves to left flank

Two infantry brigades on Franken road form line

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede orders his three infantry brigades to close with the enemy.

Orders – Move to Mattsee

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on Landwehr, total 9 with 2D6, a hit

Landwehr test morale, total 5 pass

General Wrede leads his three infantry brigades forward

General Wrede leads his infantry forward towards Franken road
One brigade has casualties but still formed and fit to fight

Bavarian infantry moves forward to attack
Artillery firing in support

Austrian infantry on Franken road form line
Artillery continues to fire in support

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