Sunday, April 4, 2010

Battle of Mattsee - Move 8


16 June 1813

11 Bavarian Corps

General Wrede changes his orders to Engage as his infantry approach the enemy.

Orders – Move to Mattsee

6 Command Points

Artillery fire on Landwehr, total 7 with 2D6, a miss

Change orders to “Engage”

Infantry advance towards Franken road

2 Austrian Corps

General Klenau orders one of the brigades in Mattsee to prepare to move against the approaching enemy infantry.

Orders – Hold Mattsee

3 Command Points

Artillery fire canister on same infantry, total 6 with 2D6, second hit

Bavarian infantry test morale, roll 4, fail and Shaken

Nearest garrison ordered to prepare to leave town

Infantry approach Franken road
Right hand brigade received second casualty and is Shaken

Bavarian infantry move into canister range as they advance
One brigade is Shaken with two casualties

Austrian landwehr also has one casualty, but remains formed.

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