Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Battle of Reishach - Move 10

1700 to 1800

21 June 1813

Table at the end of Move 10

Austrian CinC – Poor – 5 Command Points

Change 4 corps orders to “Attack”

1 Austrian corps – Average – 4 Command Points

Orders: Hold

Bavarian cavalry declare opportunity charge, roll 4, fail

Move cavalry behind square

Move general

Jagers skirmish infantry, roll 1, miss

Square skirmish cavalry, roll 5, miss

Shaken hussars test morale, roll 5, fail still Shaken

12 Baden corps – Poor – 3 Command Points

Orders: Hold village on right

Garrison retire to centre of village

8 brigade enter village to replace garrison

Gunners leave village to join guns

Garrison test morale, roll 1, Rout

8 brigade test morale, roll 6, pass

Gunners test morale, roll 6, pass

9 Bavarian corps – Average – 7 Command Points

Orders: Hold centre village

Artillery fire on routing infantry, roll 8, sixth hit

10 brigade test morale, roll 3, continue Rout

12 brigade test morale, roll 6, continue Rout

Move general

Move infantry 6”

Move general

Cavalry withdraw 7”

Infantry skirmish, roll 6, 1 hit

Enemy infantry test morale, roll 5, pass

French Gifted Card

French CinC – Gifted – 7 Command Points

With Poor commander, no further action

1 Austrian corps – Average – 6 Command Points

Orders – Engage

Cannister infantry, roll 8, 1 hit

Overshoot cavalry, roll 9, 1 hit

Infantry test morale, roll 3, Shaken

Cavalry test morale, roll 3, Shaken

Move general

Advance infantry 6”

9 brigade skirmish, roll 5, miss

11 brigade skirmish, roll 3, miss

Enemy skirmish back, miss

Poor Card

4 Austrian corps – Poor – 0 Command Points

Orders – Engage

Miss move due to Poor Card

10 Bavarian corps – Average – 5 Command Points

Orders: Engage

Artillery screened by own troops

Limber guns and move forward 4”

Cavalry retire 6” facing enemy

Grenadiers skirmish, roll 4, miss

Jagers reply, roll 5, 1 hit

Grenadiers test morale, roll 3, Shaken


The dreaded Poor Card deprives 4 Austrian corps of its move again. This could be decisive as they are poised to attack the village to take advantage of the change of garrison.

The remainder of the battle swings from one side to the other. It is still anyone’s game.

Austrian infantry continue to skirmish with village, but to no effect. They are on “Engage” orders and can not storm the village without “Attack” orders.

The Bavarian attack on the woods is stalling with both leading brigades Shaken. The two supporting brigades have been left well behind, at least two moves to bring them into the firing line. The artillery is moving forward to break the enemy square.

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